International Missions

International Missions

Truth for Today World Mission School

Truth for Today World Mission School in Searcy, Arkansas, is a multifaceted non-profit organization dedicated to world evangelism.  Directed by Eddie Cloer, a professor of Bible and preaching courses at Harding University, TFTWMS strives to teach faithfully the Holy Scriptures of our Lord.

Experienced missionaries agree that the survival and spiritual growth of congregations planted around the world may depend on the availability of printed Bible-study materials.  The primary focus of Truth for Today World Mission School, a monthly publication called Truth for Today, is designed to address this need.

This publication is sent to tens of thousands of preachers and Bible teachers.  Each issue is the equivalent of a 150-page book. It is published twelve times a year and is mailed in English to thousands of preaching brethren in many nations all over the globe.  Translating offices have been established in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, and Ukraine.

Voice of Truth InternationalVoiceOfTruth sm

The Voice of Truth International is published in seven languages: English, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Nepali, and Paite. It is designed for many practical uses: for family devotionals, for church devotionals, to share with contacts, for reading material in public waiting rooms, as well as for personal study. About half of each issue is sent to foreign mission fields where they are used in personal evangelism and as resource materials for preachers and local Christians. Each magazine has numerous sections (God, Evidences, The Word of God, Salvation, The Church, The Christian Home, Daily Christian Living, Bible Characters, Sermon Outlines, Textual Studies, etc.), so that people who have no access to a library or reference study materials can gradually build their own library with helps in these different categories.

World Video Bible SchoolWVBSlogo

World Video Bible School has been privileged to serve the church since 1986 by making teaching and evangelism materials for the church’s use worldwide. Our goal is the same as it has always been, to serve God and His people by doing His will to the best of our ability. We are committed to producing and distributing excellent quality, scripturally sound, inexpensively priced Bible study material through video, audio and the written page. We have a genuine desire to glorify the Father, His beloved Son, His word and His blood-bought church and not to glorify ourselves or any other men!

MissionPrinting snMission Printing

Mission Printing, a work of churches of Christ, is an incorporated, non–profit organization, entirely supported by donations. It has an independent board of directors and is not directly associated with any particular congregation of the church. It was established to provide Bible oriented teaching and study literature to missionaries in many countries around the world, at no cost to them, and is dedicated to bringing the Gospel of our Lord and Savior to a hurting world. Mission Printing uses the Word of God as its guide and inspiration. It is our hope and prayer that our publications will help open the hearts of the lost and will spark an interest in the Bible and Christ.

After spending several years in the mission field, Guy and Jessie Lee Caskey became aware of the need for printed gospel literature to aid in teaching the truth. In 1979, they and other Christians founded Mission Printing with the purpose of fulfilling the charge of Jesus in the Great Commission to preach the gospel to every creature. Over the years, our work has steadily continued to grow and now there are some 100 books and pamphlets printed, consisting of 8 to 400 pages on almost 100 Bible subjects. Millions have been printed and sent to missionaries around the world.

Requests for printed materials continue weekly in the many letters received. Our workers at Mission Printing strive to keep up with this ever-increasing demand. Production has increased significantly over the years. Shipments total multiple tons of Gospel literature to many different nations each year. Last year, we shipped close to 50 tons (that is 100,000 pounds)!

The bulk of these materials is sent primarily to emerging nations, although not exclusively. Other materials are sent to teachers of Bible correspondence courses, and those in this country (USA) who are making efforts to convert sinners in their local areas.

ChimalaChimala Mission Hospital and School of Preaching – Tanzania, East Africa

  • The purpose of Chimala Mission Hospital and Schools is to further train and educate the leaders of the church in Tanzania, and the surrounding nations, and to equip the young leaders of the church with the knowledge needed to stand firm upon the scriptures, against false doctrine, and able to take the gospel to a lost and dying world.

    Beginning in 2011, Chimala Mission Hospital and Schools will offer three phases of educational training for men who want to serve God as an evangelist. We will offer an Associate Degree through Chimala School of Preaching, and Bachelors and Masters Degrees through Chimala Bible College. All of these degrees are offered through Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, Colorado.