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Lesson 18: His Death and Burial

Click/tap to download the handout John chapters 19 and 20 chronicle the most important three days in the history of the world: the days of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. This lesson will focus on his death and burial. JESUS IS SENTENCED (19:1-16) Jesus is subjected to a Roman flogging (1). In addition, soldiers placed a crown of thorns on his head while they mocked him (2-3). Knowing that Jesus had done nothing worthy of this treatment, Pilate sought to…

Survey of Genesis: Chapter 3

Click/tap for printable version Beginning in Genesis 3 sin becomes a primary player in rest of the Bible story. The redemption of man through the sacrifice of Jesus is the story of the Bible, and Genesis 3 explains the reason why such a plan for man’s redemption was necessary. THE ENTRANCE OF SIN (3:1-7) Without explanation of his origin or nature, Moses begins writing about “the serpent” and his craftiness (1). Eve responds to the serpent that God has given…

Lesson 17: His Arrest

Click/tap to download the handout Throughout the gospel accounts, the writers have called attention to the growing tension between belief and unbelief among the people. While the Lord is generally popular among the common people (Mark 12:37), the hatred of the religious leadership grows. That tension reaches its apex as Judas leads officers to Jesus that they might arrest, try, and execute him. We will focus primarily on John’s account of the arrest and the beginning of the trial (John…

Lesson 16: His Miracles (3)

Click/tap to download the handout In Mark 2:1-12, Jesus forgives and heals a paralytic man. In Mark’s gospel, this miracle marks a transition point. It is the LAST of the miracles in the section that focused on the authority of Jesus. But this miracle is also the FIRST of five events that show the growing opposition of the Jewish leadership. Let’s consider this memorable miracle. THE MAN’S CONDITION (2:1-4) Having been preaching in the outlying regions of Galilee (1:38-39, 45),…