Our History

Our History

January 16, 1949
The church of Christ in Hurst, Texas, begins meeting at 914 W. Hurst Blvd.

June 8, 1952
Dillard Thurman becomes the congregation’s first full-time preacher.

March 1953
Bob Beamer becomes the preacher when Dillard Thurman goes into full-time production of The Gospel Minutes.

June 1954
Andrew Connally becomes the preacher.

Brother Connally leaves to do full-time mission work in Africa; Joe Rhoten follows as preacher.

July 1, 1956
The church property at W. Hurst Blvd. is sold and the church meets for a time in the South Hurst Elementary School cafeteria. New property at corner of Brown Trail and Holder in Hurst is purchased.

November 4, 1956
Formal “opening” of the Brown Trail church of Christ, including a 7-day gospel meeting with Andrew Connally preaching.

January 1959
Ed Wharton begins preaching full-time.

Roy Deaver follows Ed Wharton as Brown Trail’s preacher.

Church property at Brown Trail and Holder sold to the Pipeline Road church of Christ; a new congregation, called the Scotland Hills church of Christ, begins meeting there; Brown Trail congregation meets in the Lions Club building while securing new property.

A new building is constructed at Brown Trail and Taylor in Bedford; the Brown Trail School of Preaching begins meeting in the church building. Roy Deaver is the school’s first Director.

January, 1968
Roy Deaver leaves the pulpit to direct the school of preaching full time. Ed Sanders fills the pulpit for eight months.

September 30, 1968
Charles Williams becomes the local preacher.

December 1975
Wendell Winkler replaces Charles Williams as pulpit preacher.

July 10, 1983
The Truth In Love television program begins airing in the Dallas/Fort Worth market.”

January 1987
Dave Miller replaces David Roper as pulpit preacher.

Johnny Ramsey takes over the pulpit responsibilities as Dave Miller leaves the pulpit for full-time work with The Truth in Love.

Maxie Boren takes over the pulpit preaching, after serving as the school of preaching Director since 1988.

August 1, 2004
Eddie Parrish replaces Maxie Boren as pulpit preacher.

August 2014

Heath Stapleton replaces Eddie Parrish as pulpit preacher

July 2017

Heath Stapleton moves into full-time role with the Brown Trail School of Preaching; Eddie Parrish returns as the pulpit minister